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Welcome to  Guangzhou YERB technology co.,Ltd ! I hope that  through this website to learn more about YERB.

YERB is set with R & D, products, sales as one company. Mainly engaged in automotive electronics, car audio-visual and other products. Such as: HID xenon lamp, angel eyes, HID projector lens light, LED auto light ,LED light Bar, car parking sensor and so on. As China's reform and opening up of,China's economic construction and development, YERB  is start in Hong Kong in 2005, after 5 years of hard work, it is moved to the mainland in guangzhou city, it’s own high technology and manufacturing strength.
   The pace of history has always been to move forward ,YERB  with the development, Today, thanks to the achievements of the concern and support of all sectors of the community and the concerted efforts of all YERB people. However, compared with the international industry-leading enterprise, we still exist significant gaps.
   The face of economic globalization trend, auto parts market has entered a customer-, consumer-oriented era. Competition in the future, we will deal with international competition law and industry standards. Therefore, we can not stay in yesterday's results, we must uphold the "integrity, study him, pragmatic and innovative" corporate mission, our "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation" business philosophy, to change not suited the market trend of all the business concepts and behavior, and further stimulate the passion and team dynamic organization, give full play to our ability to innovate, and constantly go beyond the self, to create a booming source of power to quickly enhance their overall competitiveness.
   I believe that "development cooperation, common progress" on the basis of all of us who will be full YERB passion, innovative thinking and pragmatic work attitude, solidarity, fighting courageously, we will be able in the world economic arena achieve the objectives set, and with all partners are going to develop.