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HID professional knowledge

2015/4/25      view:

HID Professional  knowledge

1 luminous efficiency
Unit: lumens per watt [1M/ W], the luminous efficiency is turning  electrical energy into light energy with efficiency.
light color
Light color is color temperature in fact, up to three major categories: warm color less than 3000K , color intermediate 3000K~5000K, Hyun than color above 5000K.
Note: As the light in the composition of the spectrum
there is a difference, even if the same light color, light color also may be different, that is the color of light may be different.
lamp efficiency
Efficiency lamps (also known as light output coefficient) is a measure of lighting energy efficiency standards, it is the lamp light output lamps with energy and light energy between the light output ratio.
color temperature
Unit: Kelvin [K]
When the color of light is same with the "blackbody" emitted light
under a certain temperature
, "blackbody" temperature is the color temperature of the light source. "Blackbody" The higher the temperature, the composition of the blue spectrum is more, while the red component is the less. For example, the incandescent light color is warm white, expressed as its color temperature 2700K, Daylight color fluorescent lamp and method of color temperature is 6000K.
the color of
In principle, the artificial light with natural light should be the same.let the human eye is able to correctly identify the color of things, of course, depending on the location and purpose of the lighting.
Note: The light source for objects showed the extent of color . Usually called "color-rendering index" (Ra).the show color is the true color of object (the color of its own) and under a standard light source color relations shown. Ra Value be defined is definition of standard DIN6196. Indoor artificial light on the details of the lighting, check DIN5035 standards.
light and radiation
the light is electromagnetic radiation to the eye, thought the optic nerves is converted to light, that is, the naked eye can be seen in that part of the spectrum. These rays in the wavelength range between 360 to 830nm, only a very small spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, a part of. temperature is much higher than 50HZ the temperature of the work resulting in a higher color temperature of white color table and better color rendering.
light energy
Unit: lumens [lm] light the eyes of people launching and receiving the sum of the energy flux is.
light intensity
Unit: Candela [Cd] Generally speaking, light is launched in different directions, and varying intensity. Visible light at a particular angle with the direction of the luminous flux emitted light intensity is called.
illuminance E
Unit: lux [LX] Illuminance (E) is the luminous flux and the lighting  area that is
The proportion
luminance L
Unit: candela / square meter [cd/m2] Luminance (E) is a direction that the eyes can see from the reflection of the strength of objects.