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Xenon lamp working principle

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A wide variety of motor vehicles, various accessories are dizzying, even for the vehicle lighting is different types, unheard of a variety of names, what crystal headlamps and high transparency of headlamps, all-in-one headlights ... ... but the overall example, on its working principle, can be divided into three lights: incandescent, halogen, xenon lights.
  Incandescent is the most common , because of its state of instability in work, lack of brightness light-emitting, a lot of energy consumption, has gradually been replaced by halogen, currently only a few low-end Chinese-made automobiles in use.
Xenon lamp, also known as high-intensity gas discharge lamp, the English referred to as HID. Xenon lamp automobile products is composed by xenon bulbs, insulation wire and ballast. Its working principle is that connected to power, through the transformer, in an instant 12V power supply will be increased to more than 23,000-volt high-voltage pulsed voltage, the activation of the xenon bulb xenon arc generated in the 3000K - 12000K color temperature of the strong light, colors were white slightly crystalline in the blu-ray. It completely abandoned the traditional tungsten filament light-emitting principle of combustion, is the lighting system of the revolutionary changes in the field.
The use of special xenon gas discharge under the ultra-high voltage percussion of principle
1 color temperature is widely distributed from 3000K-12000K, light color purity.
2 small power, only 35W, energy saving 60%, but the lighting brightness and distance of conventional lamps 3 times more than ,the dazzling white chang the value of your car into doubled. Is the world's top cars of the basic configuration.
Xenon lamp is xenon gas discharge from the lighting, and its working principle is no tungsten filament, but with two “+, - “inter-issue to light-emitting arc. Arc is usually able to start the inert gas xenon, which make metal salts to light-emitting. Xenon headlamps with a gas discharge lamp as its central components, the smallest space can be the biggest lighting intensity, and the front car with the aerodynamic style, the same power consumption, three times higher luminous efficiency. A discharge headlamps 35W pass the amount of light is a 55W halogen twice as common, and its color temperature up to 4200K, with similar sunlight. However, with more green and blue components, the general life of 1500-2500 hours, which is equivalent to the average life cycle of car running all the time. It also has a prominent advantages: when it fails often will gradually darken, rather than a sudden does not shine, to give drivers time.
  Xenon gas discharge lamp bulb from the headlamp, gas discharge lamp ballast and lamp irradiation actuator stroke control components. It's the gap between light poles to 4mm, working voltage up to 28KV, therefore absolutely not allowed to work in its state of disassembly operations. Xenon gas discharge lamp can be lit three seconds after the maximum brightness, which be decided on its can not high beam,  can be used the low lighting only. Therefore headlights still do with a halogen lamp used in high beam.
Working principle of automobile HID
HID Principle be used in the automotive, HID lamp required to work only 3.5 A, the brightness is three times the traditional halogen lamp, halogen lamp life longer than the traditional 10-fold, and almost car life. HID lamps is very popular in recent years, the majority of the popular high-level cars, mainly due to the lighting HID auto lamp brightness than the traditional 200% increase in degree of light exposure to far at least 10 to 20 meters, as well as the unique tube design, light color high reflectance white vehicles easier for the obstruction. HID will become the basic standard of car.
1.High-brightness, according to traffic safety sector survey, over 60% of vehicle accidents on the night and when the bad weather, as a result of poor line of sight. In addition, the drivers vision is not clear in the case will result in visual fatigue, mental tension, and the hallucination of factors such as unsafe. Can be seen that light brightness at night is very important road safety role. Xenon lamp brightness 3 times than halogen light, the scope of its more than halogen projection broad, so that the sight of the driver more. Its close to sunlight during the day light color also makes driving feel special and comfortable, the night journey safer and more comfortable.
2. Energy saving, halogen headlamps in 55W power , Although the brightness of Xenon headlamps brighter than halogen, but the energy consumption are much lower. but it did not power consumption than halogen headlamps, and a mere 35W, savings of nearly 40% of electricity . Xenon headlamps as a result of electrical energy into light energy efficiency. Not only effectively reduce the load the entire vehicle to accommodate more electrical equipment, but also can save electricity and fuel consumption savings.
3. Long life, halogen lamps are light emitting filament power. Filament in a long time under high temperature and prone to fuse, the high failure rate, the service life of 400-500 hours in general. Xenon headlamps are not the two electrode contacts, to minimize the number of light energy into electrical energy, so the service life of up to 3000 hours, in accordance with the headlights open every day 1-2 hours, then for a maximum of 10 years, basically the same with the vehicle service life.
4. Personalization, xenon headlamps looks white light which contains a Blu-ray in night, and compared to the halogen lamp that characterized by the difference is obvious, dazzling make your car even more noble and personality.