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Black Slim ys003

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Digital Slim Ballast

Specific parameter of ballast
Remark: 12v/55w,12v/35w,24v/35w,24v/55w available

12v function parameter:
1)Input voltage range: DC8~18V
2)Output power in stable state: 35w(saving 40% power)
3)Luminous flux: 2500~3500 lumen( decided by color temperature ,the higher the temperature .the lower the lumen)
4)Output power :reach 70% in cold starting in 2s,reach 80% in 4s,reach rating output power in 8s.
5)Maximum input electricity: string electricity 6.5A, reach 3.2A in 4s, 3.2A  in stable state.
6)Hot starting electricity: less than 4.0A
7)Instant ignition voltage: 23000v~25000v
8)Ballast lifespan: 30000 hours
9)Anti-electromagnetism disturb: reach S95/54/EC standard
10)Output voltage frequency: 250HZ
11)High voltage interior integration design
12)Open circuit protection: automatic protection in 1s
13)Shorti circuit protection : automatic protection in 3s
14)Function of waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration
15)Protection of less or over voltage
16)Protection of anti-electromagnetism
17)Constant power designed , more applicable to bulbs

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